Let The Nation Awake…

By Faiqa Hussain Bhatti.

Hazrat Ali R.A filed a case against Jew but could not win due to dearth of evidences. He was an indomitable khalifa of that time after court adjudication never claimed that court cannot give verdict against Khalifa. He never said that I am a companion of Prophet PBUH and belong to most noble family, he just obeyed court directives.

They set all these precedents for us that no one is above the Law.

Recently Daughter of ousted PM (who tried to hoodwink the court with forged documents) was questioning to people during gathering ‘’ Do you need THIS type of country where prime minister appears before court’’Alas!

It has become infuriated situation in our country the elected party who contains enormous vote bank been manipulating the veracity and mindset of their voters that Army and Judiciary is doing conspiracy against government.

Come to that glorious example of Hazart Ali R.A, now people will say it is not the judiciaries of that time who can question PM nor these judges are honest like them, but what would be your stance when decision comes in favor and against your opponents? Maryam’s stance was utterly dissimilar when verdicts were against their opponents.

As she has said: ‘’witnessing the courts dispensing justice, the struggle for restoration of judiciary and quitting government for the cause was worth it’’

“from July 2013 to June 2017, Pakistan’s total external debt grew by 30% to $79.2 billion”

Few years ago, when court announced verdicts in the favor of sharif brothers they applauded.

Judges were ‘’honorable’’ when they restored Shahbaz Sharif as CM Punjab after governor rule.

Judges were not part of any conspiracy with establishment when they said: Nawaz was not involved in Musharaf hijacking case.

Judges were ‘’impartial’’ when they disqualified Yousaf Raza Gillani.

At that time Rebellious Nawaz said to Gilani (in 2012):

 ‘’Obey the orders of the highest court of Pakistan and Quit power’’

After panama judgment Nawaz has taken U-Turn According to him judiciary is a part of conspiracy against democracy their decision is based on partiality, how they can give judgment against elected prime minister, his daughter and party ministers trying to inimical the dignity of judges.

“Pakistan council of research in water has reported that in 2025 water crisis would become a solemn issue and we can save water only for 30 days”

But Nawaz and his voters has forgotten these engrossing words,

‘’Those who did not accept restoration of judiciary with a clean heart, have passed on the hatred to the next generation’’Nawaz Sharif in 2012.

Some resentful facts for those who have become fool by their notorious leaders.

From July 2013 to June 2017, Pakistan’s total external debt grew by 30% to $79.2 billion, according to an International Monetary Fund (IMF) report. The highest taken out in any single year during the country’s 70 year history. With debt of 74$ billion and population of 190 million Each Pakistani owes more foreign debt than they earn every month.

Bangladesh GDP per person is now higher than Pakistan. A moment of shame for our Government

According to the World Bank’s latest edition of global economic prospects the India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Uzbekistan have the fastest growing economies and we do not exist anywhere.

The literacy rate of Pakistan declined from 60% to 58% but‘’it does not matter’’because education is not our priority ROADS are our first priority we will make them again and again and again… what if our coming generation do not have colleges, universities and better education facilities, does not salient to us.

Good news for Blind followers of PMLN government is ‘’The Asian Development Bank warned Pakistan’s economy is increasingly becoming vulnerable to external shocks and funding shortfalls’’ and it too does not matter. Still Long Live Ishaq Dar!

The petrified news is that PCRWR (Pakistan council of research in water) has reported that in 2025 water crisis would become a solemn issue and we can save water only for 30 days due to dearth of dams.

The downfall of Russian economy became the reason of its decline. ‘’In 1960s & 70s  wealth and power of the Party increased while millions of citizens died from starvation their leaders enjoyed imported German cars, expensive French food, and slept on luxurious Italian silk sheets. The hypocrisy of their leaders created rage in young generation who refused to adopt the Party ideology in the same way as their parents’’.

Before soviet war the United States isolated the Soviets from the rest of the world economy as our beloved rival India is trying…

Will you still vote for Nawaz after these results? ‘’ it is difficult to fight for those slaves who respects slavery’’

Now while casting vote to PMLN just remind to yourself Model town massacre, Qasoor incident (sexual harassment of innocent children), Dawn leaks a major security breach it has made fun of your integrity and was enough prove to make you a terrorist state.

Will you stand with this person to whom it does not matter your country is facing internal and external security threat and he is playing a role of traitor Mujeeb Ur Rehman (provoking their voters against Armed forces and judiciary just for the sake of Prime-ministership).

What does it mean when you said that if not Nawaz then who? If not Khan then who? If not Zardari then who?

Has our land become barren who cannot produce new leaders?

‘’Tortured by fear what if somebody wakes up, they walk

This is the state of the captives of slavery

The nation that is not united

Their leader alone is their punishment’’

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are of the writer and do not reflect the policy of The Weekly Pakistan.

About Author:

The writer lives in Islamabad and student of MSc Media and Communication.

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  • February 12, 2018 at 12:22 am

    You begun too well and s powerful is the argument.

    May the movers and Shakers be shaken.


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