China­-Pakistan Relations since 1947; Co-operation in terms of Security

By Mujeeb Ullah.

In the modern globalized era the relations between state to state are as necessary as water to plants. It determines the future of any state both from a constructive and destructive perspective. In the digital arena to sustain itself or the nation tie with others. So, same is the case between China and Pakistan in order to fulfill itself and answer the others heavily. Before elaborating the route of friendship between Sino-Pak from the prism of security, let me write something about the importance of both to each other’s.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the first Islamic sovereign state to established relations with the People Republic of China and third non-communist to do so in the beginning; May 21, 1950. During this period China and Pakistan established embassies in Beijing and Karachi. In prior the hands between China and Pakistan were not as tight as with that of China and India (China-India Bhai Bhai). In 1956 Pakistani Prime Minister Huseen Shaheed and People Republic of China Premier Zhou Enlai signed the famous the Treaty of Friendship between China and Pakistan in Beijing. But, however, this relation strengthened over the course of time. It is due to its geo-political vital role.

China’s Perspective

First, China and Pakistan share a common boundary. This is termed as the backbone between both nations. It provides a significant importance to them. This border is the gateway to the rest of the world as well.

Secondly, China is a global economy and a growing power. It needs economical hold in the rest of the world. So Pakistan is very fruitful for China. An easy access and route by the old Silk Road is provided by Pakistan. It will facilitate China’s imports on a shorter route to Middle East, Gulf countries, African states and the Europe.

Pakistan’s Perspective

First: Pakistan’s economy is very fragile. So China is the most reliable friend. It will boost the Pakistan’s economy as it is proven in the shape of CPEC.

Secondly, Pakistan needs a strong alliance as well. So China is considered the major power in the present international status quo. It has and will defend the Pakistan’s stance at international politics.

After all, both states are very close to each other in all sphere of bilateral friendship; economical, military, educational, cultural and sports as well.

Pakistan was the first state which voted in the favor of China in the United Nations during 1955. It was considered the first milestone between China and Pakistan. Then the official visits started between Beijing and Islamabad. In the era of 1963 a new door of security between Pakistan and China was incorporated. They conducted negotiation on the boarder issue and ultimately the consequences were very help for leading the ties for centuries. They both solved the boundary issue by mutual cooperation and both stepped back hundreds of kilometers and maintained the respect of sovereignty.

This resulted in a new route in term of security. In 1966 the military assistance began which is pivotal in bilateral relations and a strategic alliance was formed in 1972. This relation was further strengthened, when Z.A Bhutto visited Beijing. This laid the foundation for economic ties in 1979.

China has become the largest supplier of arms to Pakistan. This leads to a stunning perspective when Chief of arm staff General Zia visited Beijing to improve diplomatic relations in 1986.

During the era of wars, both nations supported each other. In the Sino-Indo war Pakistan supported China.

China supports the Pakistan’s stance of Kashmir at both diplomatic level and at global level as well.

In 1999 a 300 megawatt nuclear power plant with the help of China in Punjab province which is completed.

According to a BBC report which was published in 2014 of World Service Poll, the report stated that 75 pc of Pakistan’s population looks at Beijing influence positively and just 15 pc regrets it.

Pakistan and China both have increased corporation in IT. They have manufactured aircraft JF-17 Thunder in a joint venture. Hongdu JL-8 is also a joint venture, which is as latest as that of American F-16.

Another product is Kora Koram, K-8. In 2008 China gifted Pakistan’s navy, a F-22 and also promised that it will provide it with latest technology including 6 submarines.

The greatest of all and peak of diplomacy between the two nations surfaced, when China recommended Pakistan’s place at NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group) meeting. This was a great achievement for Pakistan.

In 2016, China signed a MOU with Pakistan for building six nuclear reactors at Chesham and Karachi.

During the post 9/11 and the War on Terror, China has been the staunch supporter of Pakistan’s sacrifices, in which Pakistan played an important role to maintain the peace at national and International level as well. In 2010 both countries conducted a joint anti-terrorism drill.

Pakistan and china friendship has grown stronger with the course of time. People to people contact have increased. Both countries share common interests. A famous quote of a poem summarizes beautifully Sino-Pak relations.

Pak-Cheen dosti wang woye, wang woye, wang woye, wang woye, Pak-Cheen dosti zindabad, zindabad, zindabad, zindaabaaad.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are of the writer and do not reflect the policy of The Weekly Pakistan.
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Mujeeb Ullah is a student of International Relations at International Islamic University, Islamabad.

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