Positive Levers Of Peace And Counter-Terrorism

Dr. Sheikh Waleed Rasool

To gear the multidimensional efforts, in order to put Pakistan in financial action task force (FTPF) gray watch list, in Paris, on 20th February by USA and her western allies is serious foreign policy buzz. It shook shekel’s to every Pakistani in particular and peace loving community  in general which needs brainstorming, to know, how such issues are to be tackled when habitants and security machine of Pakistan had paid huge cost to counter the terrorism.  It is not enough to chill in cozy, that Pakistan was already in the FTPF list in 2012-2015, hence, there is nothing to worry. It carries serious, series of national and international implications besides economical one. FTPF shall not be analyzed in isolation as it would be having the grave side effects both domestically and globally. To dent the image of Pakistani internationally at one hand and other side to hamper the winning campaign launched by Pakistani security forces domestically to eradicate the menace of terrorism, is matter of survival for every Pakistani.

It is hot subject, how Pakistan will ponder to safeguard her international face when lethal propaganda by multi-forces, through multi-channels had precipitated with serious implications, though, Pakistan emerged as a mega global player, who, not only, successfully tackled the various manifestations of terrorism and terrorists but uprooted it effectively, though paid huge cost. The state machinery not only restored security situation of her mother land but not eroded the sovereignty of any other nation as was witnessed in post 9/11 scenario.

There are dozens of occasions to establish, that, terrorism was aided and supported by outside state and non state actors. The people caught during operation ‘Zarebe-Azam’ and ‘Rahe-najat”, the equipment captured, the ammunition dumped, the financial rackets and safe heavens are major examples besides the people who surrendered voluntarily and had recorded the confession statements about their respective networks and terror funding.

There is no iota of doubt in it, that, Pakistan army and her intelligence machine had made the remarkable job by breaking the well knitted, well planed, well equipped, ,overt and covert networks, therefore, emerged as professionally disciplined force having highest degree of resilience and morale to break the web of series of networks of terrorism and diluted it.

Indeed Pakistani came out from the terror hysteria which once crippled everyday life in Pakistan. The subtle and peaceful environment is now major catalyst to improve her economy but international image of Pakistan is still in severe stress under global radar.

In order to improve international image Pakistan shall take necessary measures to use positive levers while marketing her expertise of counter-terrorism. This sort of expertise had vast global market. This is specialized skill which requires the field experience, therefore, this special expertise can’t be gained until and unless the trainee had not the professional and leadership acumen to trace the networks, dismantle and dilute it.

To offer the technical knowhow to the nations working under umbrella of UN, who are facing hazard of terrorism, will introduce our true saga, though, Pakistan will not insist on financial gains in emergency cases. To introduce this skill in global security market will at least bring Pakistan masses plight in international community radar. Pakistan can offer this expertise voluntarily on the request of UN.

Pakistan is already helping KSA and other small nations besides helped Sri Lanka to tackle the terrorism, which was successful venture of expertise of Pakistan security machine. Pakistan can offer United Nations such counter-terrorism expertise in the shape of experts. World can benefit by this expertise in UN peace missions because Pakistan had glorious track record to send 140,000 troops in 44 missions and had sacrificed its 140 soldiers life for UN peace missions since 1960.

The minister of defense had once put this advice to in the meeting of United Nations under secretary general of field services (USG-DFS) Atul Khary.

To build this narrative at multi dimensional level will bring a vital lever in limelight. It is not only the service of Pakistan to market the peace levers but is alternative tool to be used for service to humanity…

The writer hails from Srinagar.

MSc, Mphil(MC), PhD (IR) Scholar

Accredited Journalist/Freelance Columnist, and can be reached at waleedrasool@gmail.com

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  • March 3, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    great articale , worth reading. Raja Habib jalib


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