The World Sharing A Beautiful Order

By Bismah Awan.

I haven’t felt this much amusement ever in my life which I experienced during my small trip to Murree. As I was about to reach my destiny I sensed the weather which was going to be hell dark. It was pleasant everywhere and I didn’t stop myself to step ahead and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

So, as car stopped I didn’t resist coming outside of it. Looking down was the meadow full of cattle and to my right side was the sight of setting sun setting making promises of coming out again with a new day. Clouds were trying hard to cover the sun and they almost won the battle to defeat it and in seconds sky was full of dark clouds and as I was on the height it seemed to me for a moment that I was floating on the clouds as they had touched my soul so deeply, I felt myself lightened up. I was praying to see continually this version of my God Almighty. That aesthetic moment was just for some time, passed in a jiffy but it made me realized a lot things which God has provided us and we don’t get even seconds of leisure time to notice this beauty which actually has created for us.

As the eve verged on, moon was also about to take its place over the sky, humming creatures started moving back to their nests. Nightingales and other chirping creatures had made the whole atmosphere so enchanting and relaxed the tourists by their sweet songs. One couldn’t stop his senses to eulogize the GOD’s supremacy. Everything in all directions show that someone is there who has virtuosity devised and organized the world in beautiful order.

Sooner or later one always comes to know what his God has done for him.


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