Brunch With Basit

Dr. Sheikh Waleed Rasool.

He talked softly, extempore and spades a spade, while keeping at bay, diplomatic taxonomy though, faculty seating in front was expecting that he will exercise the diplomatic style in capsule of communication skill being an ex-spokesperson of foreign office of Pakistan and the hot seat as high commissioner in India. He will be reserved or silent upon the sensitivities and intricacies of Kashmir conflict. One can assume that he was not having the compulsion of bureaucracy. His every word was carrying a wealth of information followed by suggestion based on primary source. He said,” Pakistan failed to deliver in the Kashmir context with oblivious reasons, he did not blame anyone but he was carrying a loud message. He didn’t explained, Why Pakistan failed to deliver though his style of deliverance spoke volumes that he was open to ponder upon the issue, having sensitivities and intricacies. He didn’t even blame the geo-politics and geo-economics and security compulsions but he agreed that Pakistan was in a position to do a lot but didn’t moved in systematically in  proper direction which stretched the liberation movement of Kashmir beyond the reach though Pakistan is a legal party.

He explained in soft mode that his  post appointment as high commissioner in Delhi, He was enthusiastic to play his rule in resolution of Kashmir issue besides his routine engagements of Pakistan India relations. In this connection, he was anxious to get in contact with primary source from principal party, what genuine voice says, He met Mirwaiz Ummer Farooq, Yaseen Malik, Aasia Andrabi, Abdul Aziz and others. He was expecting that Kashmiris will open a Pandora box of complaints and there would be any sort of anxiety due to pro longed spell of Indian mayhem.

The meeting with Syed Ali Geelani was historic, memorable and remarkable, When i asked, Geelani sahib “we shall do something for Kashmir”, He replied in low tune without taking the breath. “Basit sahib aap ghar wapas jayeei” I was trying to balance the books while beating the hatches while, I was restoring my breath, He continued,” You have neither understood Kashmir nor Pakistan. Kashmir issue can’t be understood in isolation. Pakistan and Kashmir share same fate. If you want to do anything, listen to your heart and do that what is expectation of Kashmiris with you. He was not anxious to know what Islamabad was thinking about. He was concerned about Pakistan security situation when terrorism had shaken the shekels of Pakistan. He hugged me and said,” that Islamabad shall focus to restore their home, in order, You should not worry, Kashmir is in safe hands and  our struggle had reached at stage were Kashmir are more mature and they understand, any and every move of India. They know how to resist. Ali Geelani emphasized .” There is not  a single family of Kashmiris, whom any person is not killed, bruised, tortured, disappeared, jailed or maimed, therefore, they are masters of their destiny and we stood up against India, till, we have not been given our birth right as per United Nations resolutions. Syed Ali geelani was firm, that wither any one helps them or not, movement is not on crutches of mercy.

Ambassador was of opinion that Kashmir’s are more Pakistani than Pakistani itself, they may be obvious reasons, but they seem more concerned about Pakistan and its stability. Ambassador stressed, if, you want to meet any true Pakistan, met, any Kashmir’s, you will see tears in his eyes when he puts his first footstep on soil of Pakistan.

He made it clear that India Pakistan talks are in doldrums. Which were halted unilaterally by India in 2014. Elections in Pakistan followed by India are the main reason and primary reason is that there is not desire from Islamabad is not eager to resume when India halted it unilaterally.  The stand from Islamabad is that until and unless Kashmiris are not involved in parlays there is not possibility of breaking the ice in cold relationship of India and Pakistan.

Ambassador® Abdul Basit faced some bitter questions from audience which were emotional and hard hitting. A student asked that Islamabad is doing nothing except to issue the statements and Kashmir is issue of bread and butter of various organizations who make a hay while sun shines. Basit did not repelled but smiled and answered politely that though Islamabad could have done more in systematic order as state but some geo-political compulsions are complex foreign policy impediments which cannot be understood in one lecture, it needs series of parlays to inculcate that how international relation works.

A question of million dollars , that it is norm that any and every top gun utters  the truth when he is not in chair, Basit responded, Indeed it is compulsion of bureaucrat but we are clear that Kashmiris had stood at their own feet. They are masters of their destiny, now at driving seat which is vital milestone of their successes.

Ambassador® Abdul Basit is Chairman of IPRI. The brunch with Ambassador Basit was organized by RIPHAH international University, Dean of social sciences Mr. Awais Wasi, with coloration of student’s assembly and media sciences, Director Mr Rehan Hassan in Meezan campus Rawalpindi attended by faculty members and students.

The writer hails from Srinagar.

MSc, Mphil(MC), PhD (IR) Scholar

Accredited Journalist/Freelance Columnist, and can be reached at

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