Our Social Condition

By Saif Ur Rehman.

Pakistan was destined to become a “welfare state” for underprivileged Muslims and the people belonging to other Religious minorities of subcontinent. It leaves many people heart broken when they turn around and look back to what we, as a nation have turned into in past seventy years. The founding father would not have envisaged an intolerant Pakistan where a Christian couple is dumped in fire on the allegation of blasphemy of Holy Prophet(PBUH). Mr. Jinnah wanted every citizen should be given equal chances to serve his or her motherland because for him Pakistan comes first.

Few days back while I was going through television channels, I was stunned to read headline that read “Nawaz Sharif second to Quaid-e-Azam”. This sentence was uttered by CM Punjab and I was appalled how this poor and illiterate nation is being mislead by some elite and their cronies. How can a person who while being the Governor General of a state, use to switch off the lights of the office with the person who come to accountability courts with almost forty vehicles (state owned).

Recently concluded Senate election is a slap to our most cherished “Democracy”. Member of the Parliament sold their loyalties to the highest bidder. I have nothing to say against them because they are also part of this stagnant society; these are our representatives so they behave in a same way as we do.

What’s the solution to this mess? Have we wasted our seventy years? Who is responsible for all this? These plethoras of questions hit my mind every now and then. Its leader’s utmost duty to educate its nation and to make them conscious about their needs because leaders are at the helm of affairs. But unfortunately our leaders only come in to extend their rule and to stay in power corridors…..Alas.

Now as general elections are around the corner it’s my humble request to all sensible and patriotic citizen that it is better to think wisely and impartially before putting ballot paper into ballot box than crying over a split milk.

About Author:

Saif Ur Rehman is Law Student at Quid e Azam University, Islamabad.

One thought on “Our Social Condition

  • March 18, 2018 at 11:13 am

    It is unfortunate that all the institution are completely useless ,only military is the institution which dictates who can rule & if any one challenges them ,they face problems. The judicial system has completely failed as administration of justice is also not free & fair, democracy works ,when all three institution work under the constitution & allowed to work without any pressure. The rule of law is the only way to establish a proper society so until these politicians & defence Chief will be fighting ,nothing will change in country.


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