A Girl From Swat

By Saif Ur Rehman.

Two days back a girl from Mingora district, named Malala arrived in Islamabad after more than five years away from her country. Ordinarily, a 20 years old girl returning to home should not be causing clamour. But she is not an ordinary girl, she is the youngest nobel laureate in the world.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist for female education, born July 12, 1997. She is also a very controversial figure among the people of her homeland. But she can justifiably be described as most famous Pakistani in the globe for all the right reasons. She had been receiving many prestigious awards across the world for her service to education and female liberty.

There was a lot of criticism when she was airlifted to UK after being Shot in the head by Taliban on 9 of October 2012, for her being outspoken against the brutalities of some extremist groups prevailing in the valley. Some echoed that why only she, why not other girls who meet the same fate? Not only this, her arrival to homeland have resulted in the generation of many speculations. Many people ask about the timing of her return to Pakistan when there is already political turmoil.

She was fraught with emotions at her speech in PM house upon her arrival and rightly so this was an emotional occasion for her as well as many of her fellow Pakistanis. Prime minister also acknowledged her achievements along her hard and arduous  journey from an audacious little girl to an global icon.

I am filled with fear that Pakistan has not done well to its heroes, Our first noble laureate Dr. Abdus Salam was barred from taking his due honour in his life as well as after his death just on a mere reason that he has origin from an Minority community  Ahamidi. All his achievements went unacknowledged in his own country and I hope that Malala should not meet the same fate.

Although it’s time for nationalisms perspective but I would love to see her adjudicating for the Muslims of Syria as they are in devastating condition. She is in a position that she is able to make her presence being felt in world forums, meanwhile welcome home Malala.

About Author:

Saif Ur Rehman is Law Student at Quid e Azam University, Islamabad.

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