Meet Ramal Ijaz- A 21 Year Old Small Town Girl With Big Dreams…

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Ramal Ijaz is an emerging female photographer in Kohat, Pakistan and is considered as the one and the only lady photographer with such God gifted photography skills in Kohat. Ramal believes in catering the needs of people in her locality with a variety of packages while offering the best of quality and work experience.

Ramal Ijaz.

This 21 year old small town girl belongs to Kohat, Pakistan and is a student of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kohat University of Science and Technology. While managing her very own entrepreneurial setup, inspiring so many other girls with her work and creativity, she’s a topper at her University. She believes in giving a new dimension to ‘Women Empowerment’ in this small male dominated area.

Ramal’s wedding work.

It’s been 6 months since she started her career of being an entrepreneur and people are so happy with her work because there was a need of time to have a lady photographer with which brides can have their photoshoots much comfortably in the particular region.

According to Ramal, ‘I have never imagined that me and my work would be this much appreciated, I started it without any future plan and now by the grace of Allah Almighty I’ve zero time for myself-Alhumdulillah!

Ramal’s wedding work.

Its surprisingly interesting that this small town girl is the only photographer who is making this journey adventurous while keeping the societal norms and values her priority and wearing ‘Abaya’ being on work!!

This girl also introduced photoshoots with props for the very first time in Kohat and got such a huge positive response as she shared one of the many messages she has received.

Ramal also shared one of her favorite memories of this journey and continued, ‘Its quite funny when people ask “Ye karay gi photoshoot?” and I am always like I’m 21…old enough to roll on the camera.

She continued, “Things I count being the major reasons behind my this successful journey is of course Allah-Almighty, My family without whom I wouldn’t have been able to even step out of home, My dream since childhood to get famous, Ammi-the biggest and the constant support system who accompanies me in shoots giving directions to the Dulha-Dulhan, the constant love and support from the people and at last but not the least, My Mentor who is supporting me since the very beginning and was the first one outside family with whom I shared what I was doing. His words, “Mera bacha kamyab ho gaya haiwere themselves an achievement for me.

She is way more positive about her future being a journalist and the voice of people while giving a totally new dimension to her photographic journey.


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  • April 15, 2018 at 10:17 am

    Inspiration is one thing and you can’t control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving.keep it up!


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