Where Is Pakistan?

By Dr. Ayesha Khan.

“Time and tide waits for none.”This old adage virtually means nothing in Pakistan as the country is lagging behind many others in the world politics. USA and China are involved in a fierce trade battle to occupy the aphelion in the global economy. The military alliance between USA, India, Australia and Japan is fast growing. The recent missile strikes on Syria by the Western trio-USA, England and France-has aroused a concern among the global analysts about Russia’s response. The Middle East is reeling with new issues every day. It would not be wrong to say that the world is in a geopolitical as well as a geoeconomic transition. But wait! Where is Pakistan?

The recent wave of political instability has dried up what remained of foreign interest to invest in the country.  Despite fighting the deadly war against militancy, Pakistan is still not a safe country for the tourists to visit. Seven long decades and going, Pakistan’s voice on the Kashmir issue remains unheard. Even if India has catastrophic nuclear arsenals, it is Pakistan which should unilaterally do away with its nuclear technology. Thus, if God forbid, Pakistan is, at any time, to vanish from the world map, does it matter to the world even minutely? This is the question that every Pakistani should ask him/herself.

We have long blamed the external elements like India’s nefarious designs or USA’s self-aggrandizing policies for our failings. It is time to turn the gaze inwards and start finding that where did we go wrong. Every person would have his/her answer and each answer, though very different from the other, would technically not be wrong. So,here lies the solution. Ask yourself why we failed as a nation. That might become the first step towards prosperity.

About Author:

Dr. Ayesha Khan hails from Multan and by profession she is a medical doctor.

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