Objectifying Women In The Name of Marriage

By Hafsa Mansoor.

Coming from a society like Pakistan, one of the major life changing events for any women is Marriage.

Education, Career choices, Self-development etc. comes later, but a vital concern for every parent of a girl is Marriage SINCE THE DAY A GIRL IS BORN. Since childhood, a mother is concerned about the sort of husband she wants for her daughter. Since every mother wants the best, she prepares her daughter to be the best of all too.

On the other hand, sadly speaking, the level of confidence build up in a girl over the course of 25 years or so, is shattered by the rejection of a potential guy and his mother. A girl would do her best throughout life – she would educate herself, take care of her skin/hair, learn the best skills and try to be the perfect “bahu material” to fit in the requirement of any rishta aunty. But no, the backward greedy mindsets of these women with average sons have such high standards that it’s unbelievable. AND NO, by high standards I do not mean family background or education but rather, factors of secondary concern such as looks.

Yes, I understand that just like every girl’s mother, a guy’s mother also wants the best for him. But, my point here being that other factors should be of main concern – Looks aren’t everything! If you want the best – go and lookout for someone who will nurture your upcoming generations with love, respect and strong moral values. But objectifying women on the basis of their looks is totally unjust.

I’m sorry but who on earth has told these women that beauty is immortal. Is it like their sons are going to marry the most gorgeous girl in town and she’s going to stay pretty forever? How about if they’re not compatible in terms of nature and personality – would looks still make that marriage work? Think about it.

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