No Makeup At My Engagement

By Urooj Zeb.

I was excited to see “what makeup to wear for your engagement / wedding? May be none.” But I was shocked to see most of the women thought about using makeup at these days.

Was it too difficult to find such kind of women without makeup at their engagement? Who simply present her face more enhanced?

Yes indeed these women do exist. I was one of them. I wore absolutely no makeup when I got engaged. No light layer of lip gloss, no single coat of mascara, nothing.

The reasoning? If my partner face was good enough so was mine. Neither of us had anything to apologize for, conceal or fix.

When I took out our photos now, I enjoy seeing the bags under our eyes, it reminds me of how happy, delirious and sleep deprived we were at these day.

About Author:

Urooj Zeb hails from Kohat and currently studying Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. 

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