An Ugly Duckling Of Pseudo Democracy

Dr. Sheikh Waleed Rasool.

Putting on a dime an innovative input in the democratic setting of Pakistan, to shape the mindset, demands entirely new antitheses, if, legal action is not exercised across the board before coming elections because corruption is stumbling block in development process of third world countries like Pakistan. It is routine practice that practice is reinvested to regain power. Either, one needs to apply true democratic module which proved triumphant is west and brought fabulous progress in various walks of life or one need to overhaul the existing module in third world setting under Meritology. Democratic mode of governance in the west is thriving even in India but it didn’t worked with same pace in Pakistani context though there are other intervening variables including desired ratio of education and ignorance to know value of vote.

“the real interpretation of politics in Pakistani context is form of government by the electable, to the electable for the electable”

One need to go extra mile empirically through democratic process of India which is being considered the biggest democracy of the world is now consolidated however there are various gray areas in Indian democracy particularly, when radical Hinduism mindset dominates their policies and the room of minorities is shrinking up to the quantum having potential to rapture Indian society in long run when scattered minorities are put in pressure cooker in high and dry. On the other side the democracy in Pakistan is in infancy and it has little space to resist the shocks whereas layman has little hope in democracy, controlled by elites and their cronies. India eradicated the feudalism in one go, which provided the space to lay man like Mr. Narendra Modi to come on the top slot while as there can be no such example in Pakistan where politics is still dominated by few dynasties, fuddles, land lords, industrialists and property tycoons. The politics of Pakistan is hostage of few dynasties which have learned art and science to manipulate the emotions at the eleventh hour and grab the power for infinite terms.

The lone qualification of candidates, cronies and proxies is confined in faltering therefore one, who can “TC”at right and ripe time will get the slot and  is loyal, however money is always a mega catalyst. It rooms around the electable, who keeps changing their loyalty. The Democracy entirely relies on realpolitik which is merciless and same wine is produced in changing labels of party. The real interpretation of politics in Pakistani context is form of government by the electable, to the electable for the electable. The question of million dollars arises, if, these people failed to yield the result in previous setting how can same people bring any change or reform under new label. One cannot see this malpractice in any government even not in India also.  Two major questions arise either one needs to adopt the bottom up approach or the bottom down one. To stuck in the middle, leads us nowhere, and we are wasting our energy and precious resources to upgrade the democracy at par with Western and with some successful modules like that of Japan.

“Pakistan as nation cannot afford any misadventure when geo-political and regional dynamics demands stability after long trauma along LoC and Durand line”

The power needs to trickled down to masses and it can’t be done without legislation, while as one who bags power, in next elections, there would be again concusses among power brokers that they have to kept the window open for next elections and this cycle will continue unabated. The maximum limit of two turns in power needs to uphold by Supreme Court which was repealed by present regime and same principle shall be applied to the President slot of party. The time of Prime minister shall be reduced to four years. Party is needed to be made bound to produce the five year plan which needs to be analyzed keeping in consideration whether it is not manifestos or election gimmicks. The least qualification shall be post graduate and any and every party shall be made bound to induct least number of specialists from various fields. Any and every advisor shall be PhD of concerned field.

It has been remained in practice in USA and western democracies that defense secretary, defense minister, fiancé minister, Minister of education are brought from specialized fields and same is the case with the advisors.. Merit is not new concept but in Pakistani context it is entirely itching for conventional politicians which is blocked since seven decades and democracy is confused up to the quantum that it breeds pseudo hopes in the masses about that change when the practitioners‘ have neither capability nor political acumen. Politicians keep befooling masses when the lay man doesn’t understand the dynamics of states craft ship, therefore, after every five year it seems shotgun wedding to talk about elections reforms at the eleventh hour. This time it needs the fundamental reforms backed by Supreme Court with consolations of election commission while as election commission shall emerge one of the strongest institutions. If there is bar in introducing reforms, than alternative module needs to be applied which was introduced by Confucius, Plato, SunZoor and Ibne Khaldoon that the ruling is only right of learned persons which was modified by Chinese in shape of merit followed by election. This module is applied through various filters and priority is given on performance and merit and politicians do refrain from pseudo-publicity.

Pakistan as nation cannot afford any misadventure when geo-political and regional dynamics demands stability after long trauma along LoC and Durand line therefore economy shall be on priority which has strong correlation with security, however, ugly duckling of change carries nothing new, even in post regime change or configuration of hung parliament until there is not devolution.

The writer hails from Srinagar.

MSc, Mphil(MC), PhD (IR) Scholar

Accredited Journalist/Freelance Columnist, and can be reached at

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