Aural Puzzle Of 2018

By Hina Bashir.

The Blues of Laural or Yanny audio illusion

 Is it, Laural or Yanny?

What are you hearing? What are your friends hearing? What are your siblings hearing?

Is it same or different?

Believe it or not, it is the same word with two totally different sounds. Some people hear it as “Yanny” and some people hear it as “Laural”.

Aural puzzle of 2018 after the visual puzzle of 2015 is creating a lot of hype on social media, YouTube, and Twitter.

Scientists say people are divided on what they hear because of several cognitive processes that the brain uses to give meaning to sound.  The word has double frequency some people perceive low while others perceive high frequency. The audio clip in this instance forces the brain to decide quickly about what word it hears and this decision depends on person’s cognitive ability and surroundings in which he lives.

This viral sound is causing disturbance among the people throughout the whole world. Audio illusion is dividing the people just like the visual illusion of “The Dress”. Every year technology comes with something new and different which blow the mind. People are arguing, discussing, fighting. Students, celebrities, workers and even politicians are giving their own opinion. This audio illusion just like the visual illusion is catching attention but it also causing disturbance among the masses because these technological development and advancement is questioning the universal human abilities and characteristics. Common men believe on the things which they see, hear, observe and perceive through their environment.

We believe on the basic senses to understand and perceive the reality. But, now with these advancement people are not sure whether to believe on their senses or not. Now the time has come when we will not believe on ourselves because we are not sure what we hear is true or not, what we listen is real or not, and what we see is actual reality or not. It’s causing confusion, disturbance, nervousness and even chaos. It is questioning the reality and developing ambiguities among the opinions. Reality comes with perception, we perceive through senses, but now our senses cannot differentiate truths.

Let’s wait and watch what comes in 2019 to take the internet by storm and to catch people’s attention and interest as well as to develop uncertainties and doubts.

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