Cell Phone Addiction

By Aqib Hussain.

Marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc there is no drug in the world with a bigger addiction rate than the cell phone. I attended an event at my university last week; I was sitting on a chair and listening a speaker who was talking on a social media. Many of the students are sitting on my back. They consistently used their phones for close to an hour. The pair of students is playing online gaming on their cell phones and gossiping to one another. They also create a disturbance in an auditorium.

I saw a piece of paper on which written” smoking is prohibited in Auditorium”. But unfortunately the use of mobile phone is legal. Children appear to be so disconnected from the society because of the severe addiction. Does anyone wonder why our country keeps going downhill people do not seem interested in taking responsibility any more? The almighty cell phone is the new God (Drug) of choice.

I requested to authorities that they can ban the uses of cell phone in an institutional places and different departments during working, attending classes, seminars and events etc.

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Aqib Hussain hails from Peshawar and can be reached at Aqibhussain777@gmail.com.

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