Water Crisis – Tragedy Of Commence

By Aqsa Rana.

Now a days, we are listening to the words ‘Save water, save Pakistan’. No doubt, Pakistan is facing the gravest threat of water scarcity and water conservation becomes cardinal feature to secure the prosperity of Pakistan. But what we are doing for it – NOTHING – except writing posters or putting WhatsApp story status.  Unfortunately, we are vigorously condemning successive governments for not building dams and  building  water reservoirs are the unbeaten option to draw-off Pakistan from the current perilous threat but this is one side of the coin. The other dark side of the coin is public in itself which is the titanic hurdle  to implement such measures which can alleviate water scarcity. Furthermore, our certain issues relating to water are at the crossroads due to our inherited conflicts of provinces, Kalabagh dam is an example.

Both sides of coin playing their worst role in combating water scarcity as government should build number of small reservoirs instead of delaying on the name of Kalabagh controversy and people should avoid the dilemma of ‘tragedy of common’. Root cause of all the issues faced by Pakistani public is experiencing the dilemma of ‘Tragedy of commence’. Every Tom, Harry and Dick knows about water situation in Pakistan; no one is even trying to conserve water at their personal will, but they are drawing more and more ground water without any limits. So, unfortunately, we are compromising the needs of our future generations by exploiting water resources instead of utilizing it.

No one can help us on this matter but only our life style and way of thinking towards our natural resources. Principally, construction of big dams and foreign aid are not the only prescribed remedies.

Here are some recommendations that government should implement forcefully regardless considering the reactions of public which are: build small reservoirs instead of Kalabagh dam; ban randomly drawing out of ground water; according to standards supply specific gallons of water to each house and usage of extra liter should charge; water recharge techniques should implement on small scales.

About Author:
Aqsa Rana is aspirant to CSS, have specialization in environmental sciences from Quaid-i-azam university, Islamabad. 

One thought on “Water Crisis – Tragedy Of Commence

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