Women’s Education Level

By Aqib Hussain.

Education should be considered one of the most and basic need for all genders. But unfortunately in the rural areas of Pakistan, female education is barely a priority. This is either due to poverty as people are unable to afford the school dues or fees due to co education being considered a taboo.

About 13% children do not attend school because of the distance 16% of primary schools are single classroom schools and 55% of woman have never seen the inside of a classroom and female literacy is at 64% among those who are 15 years and above. According to constitution of Pakistan the curriculum books and fundamental education is free for 5 to 16 years of ages.

According to Organization of Alif Ailaan 1 Crore and twenty one lakh females children are deprive from education. There is saying that “If a man is educated he is educated himself but a women is educated the whole family is educated”. It is time we learn the importance of education of women, more over it’s their constitutional right.

An educated woman emerges as a dutiful lady in the society, equipped with moral values, also generates income and helps her family members. Thus I humbly request  to take and ensure proper implementation of steps necessary to create, awareness tackle the issue, eradicate and eliminate it.

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