Television For Rural Areas

By Abbas khan.

Nearly 70% of Pakistan’s population lives in village. The livelihoods of three-fourth people provided by agriculture and allied occupations and 50% of the national income comes from them. Both in terms of area and people covered, rural programs have, therefore, a great importance especially those meant for specification viewing groups.

The basic objectives of rural TV programs can be summed up as; to familiarize rural viewers with latest technical developments in farming, agricultural implements, fertilizers, good quality seeds, cottage industries, rural development and weather forecast; to provide healthy entertainment and to make rural population aware of   the importance of the education, personal hygiene and health and family welfare.

Why have our rural television programmes not been able to reflect a genuine “ruralness”? Why does one get impression that there is no village atmosphere, no rural warmth, and no fold flavor?

There are many factors to contributing to this situation. First the community viewing schemes needs to be reviewed and revised.

There are also problem lacks of regular power supply in rural areas. Shortage of manpower and machinery to repair sets and lack of adequate space and proper viewing conditions.

Make programmes for community viewing, whether bearing information, education or entertainment, call for a different approach, attitude methodology and technique. And this is not always possible for want to adequate facilities and right kind of staff.

Last, almost all the production centers of PTV are located in urban areas. Most of the producers come from the city and a majority of participants too are drawn from urban areas. Naturally the cultural and social moorings and hopes and aspirations of the rural folk are not reflected in most of the programmes.

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Abbas khan hails from Kohat and studies at Kohat University of science and technology, Kohat. He can be reached at

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