I am Sorry, The Nation Is Sorry

By Afaq Wazir.

In society the only teacher have got respect, glory, extol, eulogy and honour while this qualities can’t be earned by a millionaire person for spending lavishly it’s money to get it. The teacher who is the builder of the nation, brought up the nation’s children and show the first steps of the ladder and tell how to reach your destination, boost up their creative thinking, ameliorate morally and ethically, respect of the aged person and love to hype youngsters, protect them from bad-ways and astray persons and disappointment in the race of life should be converted into opportunity.

But the lamentable situation nowadays has been up-side-down. Nor the teacher gives any irreverence towards the students and nor the students towards the teacher.

In reality the teacher has played expunge role in the society, curtail all the qualities on which his glory and respect we’re crossing the climax point. In fact the teacher is an allotrope nowadays because you can call him as a teacher but on some occasion you can also call him as a student due to his boorishness behavior and nefariousness towards the pupils. In previous decades the teacher was called the mason of the nation but nowadays they are called the destroyer, rapist, lover, politician, rascal, comedian, call the pupils on wrong names,  tell the village history on the basis of insulation of the targeted persons, use reprehensible and nasty languages during class, creates distinction among the students on the behalf of beauty and ugliness.

They are mere mercenary nowadays. The aim of the teacher is to look after their pupils but the mason uses sand instead of ca ent and it cause huge  marredness in the future of the nation. The mason or the second father feels more romantic with their pupils and creates love, floradity which cross the unlimited actions of the Hollywood world and stripped all the boundaries b/w them.

The disscussion on the politics in the class is the part of every subject and sometime this politics is more dangerous for the dis-respect, insult, scander and the leading way towards the quarrelsome. I think the views on the politics cross the ideas of Cyril Almedia or Hamid Mir.

In the field of comedy in the class the teacher play unwanted role and sometime we personify them with Kapil Sharma the popular comedian.

Some teachers gives Fatwas of pagan to the pupils for asking knotty issues based on religious point of view and belied for the  question. If a questionnaire ask related to arts or science so they gives the nicknames of monotonous, loofar, lackluster, shameless and the questionnaire get flabbergost and it creates animosity b/w them.

In this connection many teachers have badly impacted on the hidden qualities and as far as I know the student get miffed, exasperated, never try to raise his voice again, bulldoze his resilience of life so he meet with unsucceedness.

The teachers shouldn’t preclude a child from a challenge but teach them how to face it.

Ohhh the builder of the nation ignominy on you! Infamy on you! Because you people are suckling the blood of this nation and the blood of those destitute parents who bear hardship in foreign countries and makes the day and night on one side and pay the huge fees for their sons. Shame from the future flower (children) and if you don’t so shame from the parents of the pupils who expect something from you.. Because the child is the father of the nation and the nemesis of any nation is based on the youth.

I and all the oppressed children from all over the Pakistan request to take grating oppression and nullify this black sheeps, terrorists, rascals, egotistical, grimy like Zarb -e- Azb and Radul Fasad.  If again they commit this type of bad activities a reference will be filed against them at NAB, FIA and JIT. At last our utmost request to all the teachers is to teach us sincerely Because One Child One Teacher One Book and One Pen Can Change the world.

About Author:

Afaq Wazir hails from Bannu and a free lance contributor and observer. He is also CSS aspirant and a keen patriot.

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