The Light Still Burns

By Afaq Wazir.

Once upon a time there lived a deaf boy in Michigan. He was loved by his parents, but unfortunately one of the pillar of his parents drop down(his father died). Now the life of this child was at stake. His mom was a woman of hope and satisfaction. She satisfied her son by consoling words and admitted him to a nearby school at the age of eight or nine. With the elapse of time his school teachers got disappointed by the unsatisfactory or low academics in every exam. So they wrote a letter to his mom and said in it ” don’t send your child to our school, he’s of no use and can’t learn anything”. When his mom reads the letter in the state of glooms and dooms the son asked about the letter what is prescribed in this letter? The mom answered: your tutor said that he is perfect, intelligent and acumen so he doesn’t need anymore schooling. She impressed herbson and boost  his hope.

Her mom schooled him at home and reads books & magazines and half a dozen daily newspapers for over six months. He work hard for eighteen or more hours a day and take a short sleep. He said “sleep is like a drug if you take too much makes you dopey and you lose time, health and opportunities. The fruit of hard work had been ripped and ready to harvest. This boy became a legend all over the world and will be remembered forever because this person was the inventor of Incandescent bulb which lighted the world. He was the inventor of Stock Ticker, printer, phonograph, telephone, telegraph, typewriter and many more. This legend was Thomas Edison. All his contribution are of his mother’s hope. His much quoted statement; ” Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Once a reporter asked what advice he had for youth? He replied” youth doesn’t take advice”.  At the age of 83 he visited the New York airport with his wife to see his first helicopter flying. Finally at 84 his started a gradual worsening. Hourly news relayed was ” The light still burns”. But at 3:24am on October 18,1931 word came ” The light is out”. 

In this nonfiction a secret message is there for the parents and their children’s. The parents shouldn’t disappoint their sons on the basis of low grades in exam and pressure on the child  should be pull down. Parents shouldn’t dogmatize the aim of the children it’s their choice what they choose in the future. It’s not compulsory to become a doctor, an engineer or CSS bureaucrat but a man of value. Success should be our aim nor the getting of treasure because it may leads you towards the downfall in the future.

About Author:

Afaq Wazir hails from Bannu and a free lance contributor and observer. He is also CSS aspirant and a keen patriot

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