Sanju- The Biopic Of Sanjay Dutt Is A Proof Of Yellow Journalism

By Zara Mansoor.

Whatever has shown in the blockbuster movie Sanju, is an strong evidence against media. They have displayed the true face of media in today’s world. Media has actually nothing to do with anything except mentioning a bombastic news of people’s life just to get rating, popularity, fame and lionization. It has no concern whether its news results in the scandal, defamation and disgrace for the one they have published for.

Throughout centuries media has played a horrible role because its aim is just to publish no matter the news is right or wrong, all they want is to share it as a headline for public esteem. And this thing has destroyed the lives of many but who cares? They are just craving for the jaw-dropping news for the society.

They have wholly forgotten to respect the rules journalism has provided. When media started, it introduced the perfect format of this discipline like some media laws and made them obligatory to media organizations and employers to follow them but with time the respect of news elements and media laws has entirely faded and it always ends up spoiling beautiful souls like presented in Sanju.

In Sanju, media made public the every appropriate or fraudulent information about Sanjay Dutt ignoring the aftereffects of the news which occurred in his life because of reporting. Accuracy is the main element of the news, it has the prime importance but is ignorant for past many decades.

The root of all problems is the yellow fever of journalism and till its exist in the society, society cannot prosper and flourish. Because it has invented the wrong concepts creating hurdles in everyone’s life.

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