“The Population Bomb Is Ticking”

By Afaq Wazir.

11th July is celebrated as a world Population day all over the world. It is a day of public awareness message of high population increase. It should be celebrated as a black day all over the world especially in Pakistan on the behalf of amplification of population.

It is a global issue. Over population means the dearth of resources and plethora of masses and the two arrows goes on opposite direction.

This creates illiteracy, corruption, poverty, beggary, unemployment, pollution, inflation loans, govt instability and increase in robbers and dacoit for the sake of livelihood. At the time of independence Pakistan population was 33million and now in 2018 it is

Expert have deeply guessed that under the same growth rate China shall face an prowess thwrat by Pakistn in 2035 in population game.

We can see that birth-rate has been aggrandize and death-rate has been dwindle playing indirect proportion due to the prcocious modern technologies.

The following sectors are ruined by over-population.

1- Economy growth: over population has badly damaged the economy of our country and decrease the goods which the state shall suffer alot. The closure of factories and traders have created poverty which itself is a negative effect on the economic growth of a under/developed states.

Over population means more number of hungry souls to feed and it is impossible.

2. Agriculture: In this sector dearth of lands ,excess of people and plenty of disputes. Many lands are barren which leads to shortage of productivity and thus people migrate from that area in search of complaisant life.

3. Eduction: high illiteracy and ignorance are the special gifts of over population. Low quality education and largeness of pupils in the classroom which a tutor can’t get bigot in that. We are preyed by lawlessness and tyrannicals.

4. Environment: over population and pollution is directly connected with each other. It cause many diseases and illness. Air, water and noise are the main causes.

Report of Population Action International Washington stated that a great reason of population increase in Pakistan is that govt has made a very low investment in social sector.

It is a very serious problem because it leads to fraustration which means Anarchy and Anarchy means danger to state.

Social and print media can play tremendous role for resolving this issue.

About Author:

Afaq Wazir hails from Bannu and a freelance contributor and observer. He is also CSS aspirant and a keen patriot

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