Eid ul Adha Celebrations and Philosophy of Sacrifice

PHOTOS: Ifrahim.

Muslims in Saudi Arabia and some other parts of the world celebrated Eidul Adha festival with the complete philosophy of sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim. Special prayers were arranged in different parts of the world for the welfare of Muslim Ummah and the unity of Muslims. In Pakistan Eid ul Adha will be celebrated on Tuesday with full religious harmony. Today while visiting animal markets for the sacrifice, we witnessed that people of the twin city are facing severe problems in getting their desired animals in the form of goat, lamb or cows.

Eidul Adha Celebrations and Philosophy of Sacrifice

One day before Eidul Adha, Islamabad-Rawalpindi animal market arranged for the sacrifice looked over crowded, people from the twin city came out to buy their desired animals for sacrifice. However, it has been observed that people faced problems in getting a good deal, whereas sellers are expecting higher rates for their animals and they took plea that they feed these animals for the whole year and today is their day.

eidul-adha-celebrations-and-philosophy-of-sacrificePhoto was taken at Islamabad-Rawalpindi animal market, showing a seller waiting for buyers, and looking after his beloved animal to attract buyers at some competitive rate.


One of the beautiful animal to sacrifice being brought for the commuters of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, but it looks people are not interested to buy it because of high price.


Few of the beautiful goats available to sell for sacrifice, and waiting for the right customer.


A man taking some time out after selling food for animals being sold for sacrifice in Islamabad-Rawalpindi animal market.

Photographs by Ifrahim and can be reached at Ifi-clicks-Photography

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