7 fashion trends from the 90s that came back with a bang

If the constantly changing fashion world has made us realize anything, it is that certain ‘trends’ always make a comeback. As relieved as we were thinking we had seen the last of some questionable choices back in the 90s, 2018 has made it clear that these fashion statements are not only back with a bang, but have also become a big part of the Instagram “trending” era.

From fanny packs and chokers to even tracksuits, here’s a list of a few things that are back in style, and we just can’t seem to get enough of them.

1- Fanny Packs

Back in the day when we rocked these fanny packs as kids, who would’ve thought we’d actually end up wanting them again decades later. The new fanny pack trend is here to stay, as many brands like Gucci, Valentino and Louis Vuitton have all jumped on the bandwagon and launched their own versions of the good old fanny pack.

2-  Denim

At some point in life, everyone has owned some Denim. Apart from the classic pair of jeans; dresses, skirts, jackets and even Denim on Denim were worn around by style icons. Despite the trend declining and being replaced mainly by coloured jeans in the 2000s, now a classic all-Denim look is back again as a casual look for many.

3-  Chokers

Chokers will always be considered a huge part of the 90s. From fashion models to teenage girls, everyone wore a choker! Yet again, after many years of chunky oversized necklaces replacing the choker, they are now a fashion must-have.

4- Off-shoulder Tops:

These 90s-inspired tops are having a moment right now – and let’s face it, we aren’t complaining! Compared to the style in the 90s, the off-shoulder tops now are slightly more feminine and subtle hence making it loved by everyone.

5- Tiny Sunglasses

Everyone is conflicted about this look. There are some who couldn’t be happier that these are back in fashion and then there are some who run far away from this accessory. Regardless, there’s no denying that the fashionistas today make these tiny glasses look uber chic and trendy.

6- Tracksuits

Gone are the days where only the “sporty” girls and guys used to wear tracksuits. Now, renamed to “athleisure”, this year is all about the modern and high fashion take on tracksuits! From everyday wear to a fashion statement at any event, these tracksuits have become a huge and integral part of every wardrobe.

7- Biker Shorts

This classic streetwear which was made iconic by none other than Lady Diana herself in the 90s, can now be seen worn by many. Unlike back then, these biker shorts have become a versatile garment and can even be worn with heels for a very casual chic look.

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