Farrukh Saleem appointed as government spokesperson on economy, energy

Business Desk

Noted economist and journalist, Dr. Farrukh Saleem, has been appointed the government’s spokesperson on economy and energy issues. A regular TV personality, columnist and financial analyst, Dr Saleem is a regular contributor to The News, and has written for various other publications. 

His appointment comes following the government’s announcement to approach the IMF for a bailout package that is meant to stabilise Pakistan’s floundering economy. The government is said to want to bring the parliament and citizens into confidence in this period of economic uncertainty as the economy impacts local markets.

Previously, Dr Saleem was appointed by the Supreme Court to investigate the cause of increasing losses of PIA. 

Mr Saleem will be closely liaising with the government’s recently formed Economic Advisory Council (EAC) which advises the government on economic concerns. His appointment comes just a day after the government’s announcement to approach the IMF which led to the stock market suffering a Rs 270 billion loss of capital – the highest single day loss recorded in a decade.

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