Donkey King premieres with star-studded event

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The premiere of the much-awaited animated film The Donkey King on Friday at the Nueplex Cinema in Karachi witnessed a phenomenal turnout, with celebrities and fans full of praise for the animation and storyline.

The premiere was a star-studded event that was attended by several media and film personalities.

The fans were all full of praise for the film’s story, animation quality, music and songs. Judging from the feedback at the premiere, the film is expected to be a huge hit.

Produced by Geo Films, The Donkey King is a political satire film that is Pakistan’s biggest animated film to date. Directed by Aziz Jindani, the main character of the film is a donkey named Mangu, who calls himself “Mangu Mangu Jan Mangu”. Mangu is a launderer (dhobi) who has been selected as the next king of the fictional town of Azad Nagar.

The donkey wants to use his position to bring about a change in the town, but soon comes to the realization that this was all a setup, and that he was only brought into power by a clever fox who wants to use Mangu to his advantage.

The trailer of the film was released in September, but was widely panned by critics who felt that it gave away the film’s entire story line. However, when the film finally premiered, it managed to impress its audiences.

However, the film was not without its controversies. The Islamabad High Court was petitioned to ban the movie after a petitioner deemed it insensitive to the Raja caste. The court, though, dismissed the petition, deeming it “unmaintainable”.

The Donkey King will release in cinemas all across Pakistan on 13th October. The voice cast includes Jan Rambo as the titular donkey, along with Hina Dilpazeer, Jawed Sheikh, Sarmat Khoosat, and Shabbir Jan, and several other prominent names in the industry.

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