Pakistani fighters shine at Brave CF 17

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Pakistani fighters stole the show at the recent Brave Combat Federation event. Brave CF 17 was the first international MMA (mixed martial arts) event in Pakistan and was organized by Brave, a promotion out of Bahrain making a name for itself in the MMA scene in Asia. 

The event took place on Saturday the 27th of October in Lahore at Nishtar Park, Sports Complex near Gaddafi Stadium. It was hosted by ARY and Rockville group and ARY head Salman Iqbal was present to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Out of the 10 fights on the card, there were a total of 7 Pakistani fighters. The fight card began with an amateur fight between two Pakistani fighters and ended within the first few seconds. 

The next fight was between Najam Khan representing Fight Fortress in Islamabad where he fought Muhammad Wasim from Afghanistan. After a close first round, Wasim took the lead in points after securing multiple takedowns. Najam refused to give up though and managed to win via submission in the last few seconds of the fight; a fight he would have most likely lost had it gone to decision.  

Haider Farman, also representing Fight Fortress, was the next Pakistani fighter to make an appearance. He defeated a fighter from the Philippines via a ninja choke submission and Fight Fortress made history as this was the first time in the history of Mixed Martial Arts where two fights were finished back to back with ninja chokes.

Mehmosh Raza was one of the biggest names on the card and had tons of hype surrounding him since he recently finished his last opponent in the first round last month. The fighter, now training in China, did not disappoint as he finished his opponent in the first 20 seconds of the bout via a guillotine choke. After his victory, he declared he wanted an Indian fighter next, causing a mass uproar in the stadium.

The co main event was the fight Pakistani fans were looking forward to the most and it did not disappoint. Pakistan’s Uloomi Karim Shaheen fought Jeremy Pacatiw from the Philippines. Pacatiw dropped Uloomi in the first round and was close to a finish. Uloomi made an unprecedented comeback in the second round and took the fight to his opponent, nearly finishing him with a choke. Unfortunately, his efforts were not enough to secure the win. Jeremy Pacatiw emerged victorious via unanimous decision. However, Uloomi’s performance and his heart brought the crowd to its feet and even in defeat his efforts were applauded by the packed building.   

This spectacular fight of the night was followed by a lackluster main event between Rodrigo Cavalheiro and Abdoul Abdouraguimov, where the latter came out victorious via decision after landing multiple takedowns on his Brazilian opponent. 

Overall the event was a great way to promote sports and athletes in Pakistan. At a night that saw fighters from 12 different countries compete and included fights ending in every way possible, from knockouts to submissions to even disqualifications, the resilience of the Pakistanis is what stood out. The Pakistani spirit of never giving up despite the circumstances was perfectly encapsulated by Uloomi Karim and Najam Khan. Even in defeat Uloomi came out of the fight a hero.

Najam Khan, Haider Farman, Mehmosh Raza and Uloomi Karim can all be proud of their efforts and everything they have done for the sport of MMA and for Pakistan.  

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