Irfan Junejo receives death threats for anti-TLP tweet

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Asia Bibi’s acquittal by the courts has let to violent protests across Pakistan, paralyzing the country’s major cities. Yet, in the midst of all this, we still manage to see some voices speaking out against theviolence – until they are shut down.

Vlogger Irfan Junejo was one such voice, but only for a few hours. He sent out a tweet stating that anyone who supported TLP and the violence on the streets should immediately unfollow him. However, it was not long before he began receiving death threats, forcing him to delete the tweet.

Not long after, he posted another tweet, saying that it took less than four hours for him to receive death threats over the phone.

In a subsequent tweet, he added a screenshot of one of the threats that he had received in his Facebook inbox:

The threat consisted of two messages, the first one of which read: “Ab tu mil ja kahin mujhe.” This was then followed up by a second one that read “tujke (sic) zonda (sic) main nahi chohronga”. Despite the typos, the message was clear: “I will kill you the minute I lay eyes on you.”

Irfan’s followers came up with messages of love and support, advising him to stay safe.

Ridha Ali also had some, very sane, advice for Irfan, as she advised him to remain discreet about his location for the next few days.

Yet another Twitter used stated that Irfan Junejo should continue to stand up for a more tolerant country, and stepping down would only mean that terrorist elements had won:

We hope that Irfan Junejo continues to remain safe.

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