Fakhr-e-Alam becomes first Pakistan to successfully circumnavigate the globe

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Pop singer Fakhr-e-Alam had set out on a mission to become the first Pakistani to circumnavigate the
globe solo on October 1, 2018. Despite some hurdles, Alam has now successfully achieved his goal on
November 4.
He took to Twitter to share the news through a series of tweets:

His journey successfully concluded in Florida in the United States.
Many came forth to congratulate Alam for successfully completing his mission and making the country
Designer Asim Jofa tweeted,

“I congratulate my dear friend Fakhr-e-Alam on completing Mission
Parwaaz and becoming the first Pakistani to circumnavigate the world. Hats off to you. You’ve made all
of us and Pakistan, very proud.”

Sports analyst extended her congratulations with a short and sweet “Well done”.

Zulfi Bukhari too came forth:

Alam has long been interested in flying and aviation, but it was not until three years ago that he stated
his desire to fly solo around the world. He has been training since then, and finally, in September, he had
stated that he would be commencing a journey that he had titled

“Mission Parwaaz”.

He had also talked at length about how this would also be a great achievement for Pakistan, stating,

“Unlike other countries, Pakistan does not have its name in the general aviation history. This is my
tribute to the brave soldiers and the resilient nation of Pakistan.”

However, it was not smooth sailing throughout. Last week Alam was detained at the Russian airport for
attempting to enter with an expired visa. However, government officials stepped in to help him sort
matters out, allowing him to continue his journey.
This feat also makes Alam the first Muslim to successfully circumnavigate the globe with less than 100
hours of flying experience under his belt.

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