Shehzad Roy to make acting debut with Alif Noon remake

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Shehzad Roy has been roped in to star in the remake of 60’s satire Alif Noon, marking the singer’s
feature film acting debut. He will be paired up with comedian Faisal Qureshi.
Shehzad Roy confirmed in an interview, “Alif Noon is now being converted into a feature film and will be
released in 2019.”
In a subsequent interview, he added that it would be a great challenge for him, saying, “Somewhere,
music videos taught us a little bit about acting. In a song we have only three or four minutes, but in a
film, you get around two hours to say what you want. Through films, we can touch lot of issues which
we can’t in songs or music videos.”
The PTV hit show featured two memorable characters Allan and Nanha, played by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi
and Rafi Khawar respectively. Starting in black and white and later transitioning to colour, reruns of the
show were broadcast well into the 80s.
Each episode revolved around a new get-rich-quick scheme by Allan, a clever business-minded person,
who believed that it was not possible to become rich by staying within legal boundaries. He would take
advantage of Nanha, a gullible person from the rural areas who was not very clued up in the ways of the
The Laga Reh singer will be starring as Allan and Faisal Qureshi as Nanha. Qureshi also revealed that
apart from acting, he will be writing and directing the film as well.
The upcoming venture will be a thought-provoking, satirical action comedy set in modern times.
Qureshi stated, “The film will be a revival of a classic comedy and its famous characters but with a
modern twist. The characters will not exactly be what people have seen in the original show but instead,
be a new version of them belonging to today’s era. We’re looking at things with a different angle so that
even people who didn’t watch the original can enjoy the film.”

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