There are now over 60 Million 3G/4G users in Pakistan

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Pakistan has over 60 million 3G/4G users (end of October 2018), according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The number of mobile phone users in Pakistan is also growing rapidly, having crosses 152 million users by the end of October 2018. According to the PTA, there was a gain of 0.5 million users in just the September-October period.

Jazz accounts for the most number of 3G users in Pakistan with 14.41 million Jazz 3G users at the end of October. However, this was a decline of 0.43 million users, as Jazz had 14.84 million 3G users in September. However, the company’s 4G users increased from 5,585,619 by the end of September to 6,113,701 in October.

Zong has the highest number of 4G users in Pakistan with 8,911,613 by 31st October, an increase from 8,521,530. Zong has almost equal number of 3G users, although they declined from from 8.88 million in September to 8.75 million in October.

Similarly, Telenor 3G users decreased from 9.947 million in September to 9.609 million. However, the number of Telenor 4G users jumped from 3,839,676 by the end September to 4,110,634 by end October.

Ufone added 0.245 million 3G users to its network during October as their total consumerbase reached 8.103 million by the end of October compared to 7.858 million by the end September 2018.

There are now also 62,171,455 broadband subscriber by the end of October compared to 61,635,257 in September 2018.


  • Jazz has the most number of 3G users in Pakistan with 14.41 million users.
  • Zong has the most number of 4G users with 8,911,613.
  • Currently, Zong, Jazz and Telenor provide 4G services. Ufone only has 3G.
  • Warid merged with Mobilink in 2016. As a result of the deal, Mobilink gained 4G services.
  • After the merger, the Jazz brand was adopted as the company name.
  • Jazz is Pakistan’s largest mobile network with almost 56 million users.
  • Telenor is the second largest network with over 43 million users, will Zong is third with nearly 32 million users.
  • Ufone is the smallest mobile network in Pakistan with 21 million users.

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