Oppo R17 Pro will be released in Pakistan by December 2018

By Muhammad Nadir Abbas

Oppo, the mobile phone company known to offer smartphones at affordable prices, is planning to step in the elite-price game and try to compete with companies like Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, and others. Oppo has planned to release their second-most expensive phone, coming after the Oppo X, the Oppo R17 Pro. The R17 Pro has already been released in multiple countries in Asia, but is yet to be released in Pakistan, and is planned to be released by this December.

The R17 Pro is loaded with unique features that help it to stand out in the competition. Coming to the features, it will be the first ever smartphone to be equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 6, besides that, it will have a gigantic disk space of 128 GB, and 8GB RAM for a blazing fast user experience.

The Oppo R17 Pro has a 6.4 Inch AMOLED display, along with a Snapdragon 17 Chipset as a reliable power source. The phone will also have the signature Oppo charging technology (VOOC fast charging) and fingerprint security.

Like most Oppo products, the R17 Pro will be equipped with 12MP+20MP cameras for high quality pictures and videos. The device also has a 3D depth sense sensor included in the list of features.

After introducing so many desirable features, the only thing Oppo made us unhappy about, is its ridiculously unaffordable price, which is expected to be above Rs. 1 lac. Only time will tell if the features are worth the price or not.

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