Simmba trailer shows Ranveer hunting rapists

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The trailer for Rohit Shetty’s new film Simmba was released earlier today on the 3rd of December 2018. The film stars the newly wed Ranveer Singh and the daughter of Saif Ali Khan, Sara Ali Khan. 

Ranveer looks as entertaining as ever in his new role as a corrupt police officer nicknamed Simmba. The trailer starts off with a humorous tone but eventually shifts to more serious scenes as it shows Ranveer with a rape victim. The trailer then shows that Ranveer goes after the rapists and decides to get revenge against the people responsible. 

A plot like this has been seen thousands of times in the past. In fact most Bollywood action films resort to having weak plot lines like this where the woman is harmed in some way and the male hero goes and gets revenge again those responsible. This time however, the hero taking revenge will be Ranveer Singh who tends to bring something different to all of his roles so at least he will keep the audience entertained. 

Rohit Shettty is known for his successful films like Chennai Expreess and Singham but most of his films lack a social message or any meaning apart from entertainment. Singham is more mindless action and silly unrealistic stunts than it is a film.

With Simmba though, the director is trying to instil a social message against rape. Ranveer’s character goes after rapists and one cop in the trailer can be heard saying that all rapists should be killed and that that is the only way to stop rape. Given the terrible statistics of rape cases that come out of India, movies like this that raise awareness against rape can help reduce the number of cases because Bollywood films have a huge influence over what and how people think in India.

Rohit Shetty is known for his blockbusters and this time he has teamed up with Karan Johar to make sure to deliver an entertaining treat with a good social message for all his fans.  Watch the trailer for Simmba below:

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