Maula Jatt trailer shocks viewers

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The trailer for The Legend of Maula Jatt was released yesterday on the 21st of December 2018 and it received a great reception. Bilal Lashari’s film is scheduledfor a 2019 release and the action packed trailer that has already gone viralwill make sure to attract thousands to the cinemas when the film is released.

The Legend of Maula Jatt has a star-studded cast including some of the biggest names in the Pakistani film industry like Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi. The original Maul Jatt was a legend of Pakistani cinema and is still a cult icon.

The trailer begins with an intense Punjabi dialogue. Later Fawad Khan makes his entry as the infamous Maula Jatt in an arena ready to fight. The menacing looking Hamza Ali Abbasi seems to be the villain and the trailer ends with Fawad and Hamza squaring off for what seems like an epic final encounter. Mahira Khan looks as stunning as ever. The sets and the cinematography are a delight to watch even on a phone screen. The trailer looked so good visually that it has been compared by some to the work of Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Bilal Lashari has taken a risk in doing a reboot of Pakistan’s most beloved film character. If the film does not turn out to be good, the reaction will be terrible. Reboots and covers do not always work and when they don’t the backlash is often worse, as we recently saw with Coke Studio’s rendition of the classic song ‘Ko KoKorina’. However, judging by the trailer, the cast and director involved, we can expect this to be one of the best Pakistani films of 2019.  

Watch the trailer below: 

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