NUST MUN set to take Islamabad by storm

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The latest edition of the NUST International Model United Nations is taking place from the 11th to the 14th of January 2019. The NUST International Model United Nations (MUN) started in 2010 as a class project of a few students, with the aim of making it the best MUN conference in Pakistan. They seem to have succeeded, as it is now one of the most prestigious MUN conferences in the country.

What is NIMUN?

NIMUN is a conference having been described as a world in its own by some delegates. An event of this magnitude and standard requires the harmonious input of a hard-working and coherent organizing committee, which NUST has. The 205-person committee has worked tirelessly to make this event a possibility.


National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is Pakistan’s top ranked higher educationinstitute.

NUST is ranked 450th globally and 61st among the fastest growing universities under 50. NUST consists of 16 primary schools and colleges while NUST’s student body encompasses more than 15,000.


The NIMUN establishment is determined to attract the most vibrant chunk of Pakistan’s population to have a constructive debate on presiding issues of the world. The theme encompasses the contemporary issues of the world and presents a holisticpicture of the world. The theme will focus on ‘inclusivity’ to help futureleaders arise and implement solutions to the existential issues of the world.


NIMUN has included delegates from 12 different countries in the past, including delegates from Russia, Turkey, China, UK, US and Mexico. 


  • NIMUN’15 hosted 700+ local and 60+ international delegates.
  • NIMUN’16 hosted 650+ local and 50+ international delegates.
  • NIMUN’17 hosted 800+ local and 60+ international delegates.
  • NIMUN’18 hosted 600+ local and 60+ international delegates.

Visit their Facebook page at the following address (NIMUN)

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