CSS Essay outline on Pakistan Post-Election Challenges

By Saeed Wazir 


In the aftermath of the historic 2018 general elections, Pakistan has been grappling with brewing economic downturn, pervasive political instability, and above all, foreign policy challenges that warrant out-of-the-box, holistic solutions in a bid to steer the country out of the sorry state of affairs  and put it on right track  as an  economically viable and politically functional state.

     I.         Political and democratic odyssey of Pakistan

   II.        Pakistan in the confluence of changing political and economic configuration

III.         Major challenges confronting Pakistan

A. Internal Challenges

                        1. Spiraling water crises

                                    a. Domestic governance anomalies and interprovincial irritants

                                      b. Hydrological warfare by India and Afghanistan as a tool of hybrid war

                   2. Economic slump/crunch/depression

                     3. Raging political instability

                     4. Unpredictable, fluid civil military equation

                 5. Invasive religious extremism and terrorism

                    6. Local socioeconomic disparities

                    7. Systemic corruption and lack of across-the-board accountability

                    8. The rise of far-right religious lot in politics

                    9. The stratified and atrophied education system

                    10. Judicial overreach and activism

                    11. Population explosion

                12. Gender related violence and human rights violation

B. External challenges

     1. Patron-client /Stalled/frosty/deteriorated/ shaky Pak-US relations

     2. Trans-national, cross-border terrorism by India, Afghanistan and Iran

     3. Drone warfare

     4. The FATF grey listing of Pakistan

     5. Discriminatory treatment by the NSG, NPT and other multilateral giants toward Pakistan

     6. The Indo-US nexus

     7. The Islamic Military Alliance and Pakistan’s role

    8. The pivot to Asia and the new great game

    9. Security and diplomatic threats to CPEC

   10. Proliferation of nuclear related materials

lV. Long-term, pragmaticsolutions to protracted  existential  crises

A.    Solutions at domestic level

                         1. Implementing of NAP in its entirety

                       2. Fixing financial woes

                        a. Strengthening financial and regulatory authority

                        b. Raising domestic productivity growth and exports

                        c. Controlling tax evasion and money laundering

                        3. Improving water governance

                        4. Resolving energy crises and ensuring equitable distribution of CPEC and other sources

                        5. Judicial reforms and institutional harmony

                        6. Safeguarding the 18th constitutional amendment

                    7. Crafting meaningful electoral reforms

                        8. Providing employment and controlling inflation

                        9. Creating new administrative units on governance basis

                       10. Ensuring inclusive and transparent accountability

         B. Solutions at foreign policy level

                    1. Managing the troika farrago

                   2. Adopting neighbors-First policy

                    3. Avoiding extra-territorial misadventures

                    4. Striking balance between superpowers      

                    5.  Managing parallel management of geo-strategic and economic dynamics

                    6. Role of mediator in the Muslim world

                    7. Improving nuclear credentials

                    8. Employing back-door diplomacy

                    9. Hiring lobbying groups for international support

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The opinions in this article are of the writer only and do not represent the views of The Weekly Pakistan.

The writer is CSS English Essay and Précis teacher having specialization in English Literature, Linguistics and American Studies from NUML, Islamabad. He has also pursued Media Studies at NUST. He is working as a regional analyst with Columbia school of journalism. He also qualified PMS. He contributes to Foreign Policy news, Dawn, Daily Times, the News International, and The Weekly Pakistan. He runs a page named https://www.facebook.com/Essayandcssknoeledgewithsaeedkhanwazi/.  He teaches English Essay and Précis in Islamabad .

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