Kaka & Figo land in Pakistan

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Football legends Kaka and Luis Figo landed in Karachi on the 10th of January 2019. They are visiting Pakistan to kick-start the World Soccer Stars event in the country.

The former Real Madrid legends tweeted about their arrival before flying over to Pakistan.

In short video snippets, they both spoke about Pakistan’s football potential because of the 220 million population.    

They are scheduled to make an appearance at the Pearl Continental in Karachi and then later travel to Lahore for a fan event at Packages Mall. Kaka and Figo are two of the best to ever played the game. They are both former winners of the player of the year award and have won countless trophies in multiple countries. The fans lucky enough to meet them will never forget their experience.  

The popularity of football is slowly rising in Pakistan. Last year we were graced with the presence of another all-time great, the enigmatic Ronaldinho. Manchester United legend and treble winner, Ryan Giggs, was also one of the players who came last yearas a part of the Leisure Leagues event.

With players of this magnitude visiting Pakistan, let’s hope our government focuses on the sport of football. Pakistan is one of the worst ranked teams in the world in international football. We recently lost to war-torn Yemen last year. Pakistan has never scored a goal in the qualification campaign for the World Cup in its entire history. With a ridiculously poor record like this we need all the help we can get. Figo and Kaka visiting Pakistan won’t automatically make us better at football but it’ll bring more attention to the sport of football and that’s what we need if we want to improve.

What Pakistan should do to improve their dire situation is to follow what India has done and start a televised professional football league. India’s football league got big sponsors involved and started a league which has mostly local players but also many old European players who help the local Indians with their experience. Foreign coaches have also helped them develop and soon the Indian football team will be decades ahead of Pakistan unless we take the right steps and improve our grass roots football.

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