Aleema Khan denies using Shaukat Khanam’s fund on New Jersey property

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According to The News investigative reporter Ahmed Noorani, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan owns expensive property in New Jersey.

He also revealed that she had not declared her American property till 2017.

She owns three flats in a four-storey building in New Jersey, while her business partner owns a single flat.

The current worth of Aleema Khan’s New Jersey property is over 45 million dollars as she holds 75% of the property.

She broke her silence on the accusations against her in the ongoing inquiry into her property in New Jersey.

In a report, she asserted that the property was bought legally by her husband’s assets with an investment of Rs. 1.45 crore and was built solely for business.

She also stated that an international firm has been performing an audit of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Lahore, and the hospital’s funds were not used for buying any property.

She said, “My husband has been doing textile business for the last 20 years and profit generated from the business was invested in the form of property in New Jersey”.

Aleema Khan is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

She did her MBA from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in 1989 and then started her career as an entrepreneur.

She is also the organizer of a Lahore-based material purchasing house, CotCom Sourcing (Pvt.) Ltd. Her material purchasing house has served material retailers and specialists over the globe and keeps up workplaces in Karachi and New York.

Aleema Khan filled in as showcasing executive for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust and did an instrumental job in raising money for the facility.

She is a leading member of the Imran Khan Foundation and Namal Education Foundation, and a few other social welfare associations including the Hameed Muggo Trust and the SAARC Association of Home-Based Workers.

Previously she was accused of money laundering and having undeclared property in Dubai. The Chief Justice of Pakistan took suo moto action on this and ordered for an investigation.

In order to keep herself away from any action for retaining the undeclared Dubai properties, Aleema Khan has paid the taxes of half of her properties including a luxurious flat which is worth Rs. 74 million. She had to pay a double penalty because she had kept it confidential.

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