Is Motorola’s iconic Razr returning as a folding smartphone?

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According to a report by the Wall Street Journal,  Motorola’s legendary phone, the Razr, is returning as an expensive foldable screen phone.

Lenovo, Motorola’s parent company, recently registered a design with the World Intellectual Property Organization and its first look has a resemblance to the old Razr. The new design has a large full screen plus a foldable screen alongside.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Motorola plans on launching this phone for a staggering price of $1500.

The original Razr was one of the most iconic cellphones ever made and it seems Lenovo is looking to cash in on that branding with an updated foldable phone that will remind people of the old phone from 2004.

The company has created a lot of hype after releasing the design without revealingany specific information about it. We still do not know any of its specifications,we just know its price.

Lenovo plans on manufacturing over 200,000 of these new Razr phones. Since the Motorola brand has not really had much success apart from the Razr, it is understandable to see Lenovo try and invoke a sense of nostalgia in consumers by reverting back to the old name and design.

Will the revived Razr just borrow the name but use a more traditional folding screen display? Will Lenovo follow the original Razr design and have some sort of super long folding screen? And perhaps most importantly, will Motorola finally be able to launch another successful phone?

Only time will tell if the new foldable Razr will be able to hold its own againstthe highly competitive phone market of today.

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