Suzuki launches new Wagon R

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The third generation of the Suzuki Wagon R has finally been unveiled in India and it is expected to hit local markets soon.

The Wagon R has a huge share in Pakistan’s automobile market and the new model will likely be successful as well.The new model has a starting price of Rs. 419,000 in India equivalent to Rs. 823,000 in Pakistan.

The new Wagon R comes in two engine options: a three-cylinder 1.0-litre K10B engine, and a four-cylinder 1.2-litre K12M.

Both the engines have a five-speed manual transmission with an option for a five-speed AGS (Auto Gear Shift).

The Wagon R is manufactured in seven different versions based on transmission and trim.

The seven different versions which the company has launched the new Wagon R, along with their prices in India, are as follows:

  • LXI 1.0-litre – Rs. 419,000
  • VXI 1.0-litre – Rs 469,000
  • VXI AGS 1.0-litre – Rs 516,000
  • VXI 1.2-litre – Rs 489,000
  • VXI AGS 1.2-litre – Rs 536,000
  • ZXI 1.2-litre – Rs 522,000
  • ZXI AGS 1.2-litre – Rs 569,000

In Pakistan, the car will likely come in fewer versions and more limited options.

The new Wagon R is engineered and built on fifth-generation Heartect platform and comes with ABS with EBD, driver airbag, seat-belt reminder with buzzer, speed alert system and rear parking sensors as standard in all the trims.

According to Suzuki, the safety element has also been improved; there is effective absorption of impact and dispersion of crash energy. However, in Pakistan, the safety of the cars is an ignored factor and it remains to be seen which versions are imported/assembled.

In terms of looks, the 2019 version of Wagon R has the feel of a completely new car, improving on its design, looks and even performance. The front look of the car gets new redesigned headlights. The bumper of the car has also a new look.

The rear of the car has been changed with new elongated tail lamps.Suzuki claims that the Heartect platform for the new Wagon R makes it much lighter but at the same time, more rigid and provides better safety and performance.

The cabin also comes with various changes and the most noticeable of all is the new dashboard and a new infotainment system with a two-tone finish.

There is no doubt that this is a huge step up on the models that are currently being sold in Pakistan or India, for that matter.

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