PM launches Pakistan Banao Certificates scheme for overseas Pakistanis

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Prime Minister Imran Khan today launched the Pakistan Banai Certificate initiative aimed at bringing in dollar investments into the country.

Speaking at the ceremony, the PM said that overseas Pakistanis would soon be proud of their country.

“It is important for overseas Pakistanis to see the country prosper, as I have firsthand experience of how they were treated after the September 11 attacks.”

In a tweet, PTI leader Humayun Akhtar Khan shared the benefits of the certificates. The certificates offer a return of 6.25% on a 3 year investment of at least $5000, and a 6.75% return on a 5-year investment.

The PM further said that he had directed Pakistani embassies around the world to help people of Pakistani origin and assist them when required.

There are ups and downs in life and it is important how we deal with difficult situations and come out of it stronger than before. Pakistan will become an example of transformative change.

PM Imran Khan

Through the scheme, the PM said he hopes Pakistani expatriates will send back remittances through banking channels which will benefit the country.

The PM said the country’s foreign policy is now solely based on the interests of the people.

He added that the country asking for an International Monetary Fund bailout would have only worsened the Pakistan’s financial crisis.

“Going to the IMF was not difficult but the easier option for us,” he said, adding that the balance of payment crisis has not been resolved yet.

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