Hobbs & Shaw trailer: More explosions than ever before!

Rashid Afzal  (Entertainment Desk)

The trailer for the Fast & Furious spinoff ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ was released on Friday. The trailer got a good reception and managed to get over half a million views in the first few hours of it being posted on YouTube.

The trailer shows that this film might even be more over the top than the last few Fast & Furious films, which is not too surprising since the films have become increasingly unbelievable over the past couple of years.

The film stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jason Statham. Two former enemies from the previous Fast & Furious films who now have to work together. Joining them in the film is British actor (and one of the favorites to play James Bond), Idris Elba, who plays the villain in this film. The trailer reveals that he has “special abilities” after he can be seen injecting something into his system. After this Elba displays inhuman strength and can be seen punching giant dents into metal structures.

The trailer is full of cheesy one-liners, over the top action and massive explosions (surprisingly Michael Bay was not involved). WAR’s “Why can’t we be friends” can be heard in the background as Hobbs & Shaw go on a rampage looking for the rogue secret agent played by Elba. For some reason, the only way to save the world is to bring these two together, which sounds a little similar to the plot of one of the last Fast & Furious films where Hobbs, played by The Rock, has to reluctantly team up with Vin Diesel and his squad.

Exotic cars and locations, attractive women, over the top action, a seemingly weak stereotypical plot and a reluctant team chasing a one-dimensional villain, Hobbs & Shaw promises to be just what we expect from the Fast & Furious series. I can’t wait to watch it!

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