Human rights activist Gulalai Ismail released after arrest

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Prominent Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) member, human rights activist and the founder of various NGO’s, Gulalai Ismail was released by Islamabad Police yesterday.

Gulalai was arrested along with 17 other workers of PTM for holding a protest outside the National Press Club. Later all of them were sent to Adiala jail by police after the completion of a verification process.

According to the reports the demonstrators were arrested under Section 3 of the West Pakistan Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) of 1960.

Under this order they will remain jailed for a period of 15 days.

Gulalai Ismail was released by Islamabad Police as earlier in the day her father Professor Muhammad Ismail reported that his daughter had been arrested.

According to him, Gulalai was arrested from outside of the National Press Club in Islamabad where she took part in a protest held against the murder of PTM leader Arman Loni in Loralai Balochistan, who was allegedly killed in Police Custody on Saturday.

He said his daughter shared her location with him via messaging service Whatsapp while being arrested and it showed she was being held at a police station.

He further said that “The police’s behavior with us was extremely unhelpful. They did not let us meet her, and they were very rude.”

Later police told Ismail that his daughter has been transferred, but they did not disclose her whereabouts.

Earlier in October 2018, Gulalai was arrested by FIA in Islamabad following her return from London. She was later released on bail.

Gulalai Ismail graduated from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad with a Master of Philosophy degree in Bio Technology in 2012. She co-founded a NGO Aware Girls with her sister Saba Ismail at the age of sixteen. The organization was founded on the aims to challenge the cultural violence and oppression in rural areas of KPK.

In 2010 she setup the Seeds of Peace Network, to train young people in human rights and political leadership, encouraging the participation of women in politics in Pakistan, and encouraging tolerance between people of differing faiths.

In 2013 she setup the Marastyal Helpline to give advice and assistance to the women at risk from and victims of gender based violence. The service gives advice on legal and medical aid as well as emergency ambulances and is operated from Peshawar.

After her arrest The Amnesty International South Asia in a tweet condemned the action taken by Pakistani authorities and demanded unconditional release of PTM protesters.

After her release, she took to Twitter to express her anger at what she had been through.

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