7 must-see places in Istanbul

By Humzah Haroon

Istanbul sits between the boundaries of Europe and Asia and is one of the most historically significant locations in the world. The hustle and bustle of the city goes hand-in-hand with its culture and together they provide an immersive experience.

Hagia Sophia

First a church, then a mosque, and now an amazing historical site and a true wonder of inter-faith harmony. Hagia Sophia provides an immersive experience with a historical perspective in one of the most exciting cities in the world. More importantly, it serves as the most instagramable spot in the city.

Blue Mosque

Just a minutes’ walk from Hagia Sophia, this architectural masterpiece serves not only as a mosque to those of faith but also as a building of grandeur for others. Made in the light of Hagia Sophia, it is a true marvel.

Grand Bazaar

One of the busiest places in all of Istanbul, this massive market has everything from doilies to various food items; but be warned everything is priced at much more than it is so get ready to bargain for your life!

Topkapi Palace

History and artifacts the likes of which you’ve never seen before. True works-of-art reside at the palace containing artifacts from every era and dynasty that you can think of. An immersive experience through the books of history.

Spice Bazaar

Another major bazaar in the heart of Istanbul that has everything to do with food. A real tingle for your taste buds.

Bosporus tour and visit to Princess Island

One of the best things you can do in Turkey is to take the tour of the Bosporus. The ferry goes between the Asian and European parts of Istanbul, showing you all the major locations and historical destinations from an amazing vantage point.

Taksim Square

The hustle and bustle of shops, vendors and people from all over the world, Taksim Square offers an interactive experience unlike any other. A shopper’s paradise, where stores containing anything from clothes to speakers are available for all kinds of people. Enjoy some of the best street food Istanbul has to offer with the best setting in town!

P.S. it’s a great place to run into celebrities!

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