FIR filed against Indian media tyrant

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Controversial TV host Arnab Goswami has been booked for his relation to the death case of Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of Congress Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor.

MP Shashi Tharoor filed a criminal complaint against Goswami, with regards to which the Delhi court ordered a registration of an FIR. In his allegation Tharoor stated that Goswami acquired confidential information that pertains to the investigation reports of the police records in relation to his wife’s death. Tharoor also mentioned that for a case, such as this, the information with regards to the investigation should not be shared with the public.

Tharoor also claimed that Goswami’s news organization, Republic TV, “in an attempt to increase viewership”, purposely made slanderous remarks against him.

Metropolitan Magistrate Dharmender Singh told the station house officer to look into the matter personally and to file the FIR against Goswami.

“…In view of the allegations levelled by Tharoor and material produced on record in the form of RTI replies and other material, matter discloses commission of cognizable offence and in the view of this court, matter requires investigation by police as it is not clear how said material came in the possession of proposed accused persons,” said Metropolitan Magistrate Dharmender Singh.

The TV host Arnab Goswami is also responsible for many anti-Pakistan statements on his shows.

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