Wacky makeup trends we said goodbye to in 2018

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To keep up with the rapidly growing beauty community on social media, bloggers, “influencers” and make-up artists come up with strange yet intriguing “trends” or “challenges” to keep everyone engaged. We all know the infamous lip challenge that Kylie Jenner had inspired people all over the world to do, months before actually admitting that apart from over-lining and plumping tricks, there were fillers involved. There have been many trends introduced in 2018 which stuck by, but here’s a list of the ones which were slightly more….outrageous. 


Since the past few years people have been focusing more and more on just eyebrows. Whether it’s their grooming or filling in or even microblading, it is a crucial step for people everywhere now as eyebrows seem to be more important than eyes if you want to make a lasting impression. Over decades, it is the one factor that has evolved the most. We’ve been given unibrows all the way to the clean cut Instagram brows, but in 2018, just a few were slightly too much to stick by.

1.Fishtail Brows

 Some bloggers and artists actually went all the way and shaved a bit of their eyebrows. However, others achieved this look by either concealing and re-drawing or by using Photoshop.

2. Halo Eyebrows

We’ve all been through wanting a less and “innocent” make-up look for certain events and not being too overdone, but this is taking it too far!

Also known as the ‘reverse unibrow’, this was all over our Instagram at the beginning of 2018.

3. Tiger Brows

Previously we had the feathered out brows, but this takes it to another level by literally making stripes instead of eyebrows.

4. Rainbow Brows

Forget the times when you added a coloured eyeshadow on your eyes to add a little pop of colour to your look, 2018 was all about the brows!

Henna Freckles

After the Royal Wedding of 2018, searches for “Meghan Markle freckles” increased by a 100%. Other celebrities like Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner also showed their freckles off in their no make-up looks. Due to this, freckles suddenly became trendy and everybody wanted them! Some magazines even claimed freckles are the new tan. The problem was, how do people who don’t have freckles naturally, get long lasting freckles rather than just drawing them on? One blogger came up with the idea of using Henna for it, and let’s just say it’s a relief that people got over wanting freckles after these experiments.


Almost every teenager has been through the phase with coloured streaks or even dyeing the whole head in some rainbow colour, which at the time makes you feel cute but later the regret kicks in. However, in 2018, some of the rainbow hair trends went too far and created some strange looks:

1.Tie and dye hair

Much like tie and dye clothing, people wanted their hair to give a similar look and actually requested such dye jobs. Forget the ombré and balayage looks, right?

2. Rainbow Roots

Rather than dyeing their whole head, people also opted for just their roots to be rainbow-esque.

Face peel/ Instant nose job

This trend was all over instagram for the longest time, done mostly by Asians, and though confusing, it was fascinating to watch. There are videos of people peeling off their ‘fake’ noses and removing tapes from their faces and revealing their natural no make-up faces.


From Meghan Markle inspired nude nails to some long manicures, everybody has their nail game sorted out and on point. However, along with these came other trends which just blew everyone’s minds and speak for themselves.

1.Cow udder nails

2. Stormi (Kylie Jenner) Nails

After the birth of Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi, Kylie shared a picture of herself and her daughter which became one of the most-liked picture on Instagram. And so began the nail art…

3. Dentist Nails

Manicuring your nails to make them look like teeth would make biting your nails so much more complicated.

4. Machine gun Nails

Rainbow Teeth

Who knew after the rise of the rapper ‘6ix9ine’, people would want those teeth for themselves. Chrom, a company that sells temporary tooth polish certainly thinks that this trend is here to stay, claiming that pearly whites are plain boring now.

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