Laal Kabootar: The gritty crime drama Pakistan has been waiting for?

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The trailer for Laal Kabootar dropped on Monday and it showcases something different; more than what the Pakistani cinema-goers are used to. The film seems like a change of pace from the traditional romantic comedy styled movies that have flooded local cinemas lately.

The trailer itself is quite grim and immediately sets the tone for a serious and thrilling drama. The clip shows shots of Karachi, the police, the gangs and the violence that the movie is set to center around. If anything, it has accomplished its goal of being one to watch out for.

The movie is directed by Kamal Khan and is his first major cinematic production. Kamal has previously been involved with directing music videos for artists D/A Method and Zoe Viccaji. The latter for which, he won a Lux Style Award (LSA) in 2017.

When asked about Laal Kabootar, Kamal said, “It’s a Karachi-based crime drama, that’s been a long time coming.”

The movie also includes actor Ahmed Ali Akbar, who has mainly been involved with TV series such as, Phir Wohi Mohabbat with minor roles in movies such as, Ho Mann Jahaan and Siyaah, the latter for which he played a supporting role. Laal Kabootar, however, will be Akbar’s first major cinematic production after Karachi Se Lahore and will be his first dramatic role that could be his breakthrough into mainstream Pakistani cinema.

Alongside Akbar, is actress Mansha Pasha, who has also been involved with appearing on TV series in the past. Mansha has been part of TV series such as, Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua and Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai, with minor roles in films Altered Skin and Chalay Thay Sath.

With romantic dramas/comedies or films targeting a family audience being the only movies released in mainstream Pakistani cinema for quite some time, Laal Kabootar and its gritty crime drama storyline promises to be a breath of fresh air. The trailer looks great and we’re hoping the movie is too!

Laal Kabootar hits theatres all over Pakistan on the 22nd of March.

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