Top 5 phones coming out in 2019

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2018 was a great year for phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S9, Huawei P20 and the Apple iPhone X, and the line-up for this years devices already seems to be one to watch out for.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

Samsung’s new range of Galaxy smart phones will launch this week and many are speculating on what Samsung has in store for its consumers.

The Samsung S10 is rumored to be anywhere between 6-6.1 inches with an AMOLED display, while the S10+ is set to be a 6.4 inch AMOLED device. The biggest change, may be seen in the front-facing camera, with a punch-hole, so that there is a better edge-to-edge display.

2. Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

Huawei’s new flagship phone is set to launch on the 26th of March, in Paris. Many P30 renders have shown that the device will have, what is known as a “water drop notch” as well as three rear cameras.

The P20 was a huge success. Only time will tell whether Huawei can deliver with the P30.

3. LG folding phone

LG has not been selling many flagship phones in the recent past, but they have not run away from opportunities to try and produce something new. In the case of the folding phone, we have seen LG showcasing flexible OLED displays before.

4. Apple iPhone XI

Every year Apple releases a new iPhone, and it is hard to speculate what the tech-giant have in store for the consumers. As always, we can expect two different sizes and not many changes in the hard-ware, however, we can never know for sure.

5. OnePlus 7

There may already be talk around the tech world for a new OnePlus handset. OnePlus has captured a big chunk of the market and has appeared to be extremely reliable.

On top of this, OnePlus has also said that it will be launching its first 5G handset in 2019.

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