Pakistan is getting a new airline very soon

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The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a license to AirSial, a privately owned airline which will operate from Sialkot.

The license was approved by PM Imran Khan who commented that, “the airline’s launch will create jobs and stimulate business activity in the region.” The Sialkot businessmen thanked PM Khan for his cooperation in this matter. Minister of Privatization and Aviation Muhammad Mian Soomro informed the parliament about the launch of the airline.

AirSial was founded in 2018 and according to Chairman Fazal Jillanik will begin its domestic travel within a year. The Sialkot business community, including local industrialists and businessmen, funded and completed the Sialkot International Airport in 2008.

The airline’s launch will create jobs and stimulate business activity in the region.

PM Imran Khan

The AirSial fleet will consist of 3 Airbus A320s. The airline plans to fly to major cities of Pakistan and the Middle East from Sialkot. The project is supervised by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A Karachi-based aviation expert also said, “a new entry into the airline business of Pakistan is good news for customers as prices will return to rational levels due to increased competition.”

This is yet another major private sector initiative from the Sialkot business community. In order to facilitate trade in Sialkot.

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