Top 3 Nescafe Basement performances so far

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The current season of Nescafe Basement includes an impressive line-up

1. Mehbooba

This song was released on the 1st of February, and within a short amount of time became a sensation. The music video has over 4 million views, and show cases some amazing vocal performances by Ali Asghar, Ali Tariq, Hamza Tanveer and Sinan Salman.

The studio band also does an amazing job and seamlessly transitions between the shifting momentums of the song. The song incorporates a jazzy and bluesy style impeccably.

Unlike the Ko Ko Korina rendition by Coke Studio, which was not well received by the audiences, Mehbooba, another nostalgic childhood song is performed very well.

2. Piyar Diyan Gallan

This song has a different vibe altogether as it is performed by the aptly named ‘All Kids Band’. The song begins with a brilliant piano/keyboard performance before transitioning into an amazing traditional sitar infused-with alt rock music symphony that lasts through out the song and leaves the listener with a smile on their face.

Other than the song itself, the music video shows just how musically talented and musically gifted young artists in Pakistan actually are. 

Bol Hu

Performed by ‘Soch the Band’ featuring Hadiya Hashmi, the song has an eerie ring to it. The amazing vocal performances and the use of instruments such as the Dambura and violin, interchangeably, create an amazing experience for the listener.

However, the song becomes even more interesting and ‘worth listening to’ when Hadiya Hashmi starts to perform.

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