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At an event in San Francisco, tech giant Samsung unveiled four new flagship phones for 2019. The most impressive moment of this conference, however, was when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold phone.

For a very longtime, rumors had been spreading about brands such as LG, Samsung and Motorola working on potential ‘folding phones’, which led to speculations as to whether or not such a device was actually in the works. Now though, as always, Samsung has created such a device and answered the calls of tech geeks everywhere.

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold, is a true masterpiece of phone engineering. When closed it has an impressive 4.6-inch screen. Opening it up, however, is something wonderfully unexpected. The screen turns into an amazing 7.3-inch HD display.

Some specifications

The Galaxy Fold houses 6 cameras, one on the front display, three on the back of the phone and two inside the phone. The phone uses wide angle lenses as well.

The phone also allows for seamless multi-tasking on the 7.3-inch display. A user can have up to three applications open at the same time and easily adjust between the size of each app through a simple hold and drag motion. While using an app on the front of the phone, the user can open the phone up and easily begin to use the same app on the wider display.

Justin Denison, the Senior Vice President of product marketing said, “With the Galaxy Fold you get a powerful phone and a revolutionary tablet, all in a single premium package.”

The phone also houses 12 Gigabyte’s (GB) worth of RAM, which is an astronomical amount for any mobile device, alongside, 512 GBs of onboard memory. Which means, never having to worry about space ever again!

If nothing else, the Galaxy Fold will definitely enhance the user’s experience of using apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

However, the only drawback of this device is the price. If you happen to have $2,000 dollars that you don’t need, you could probably get this for yourself.

Want to check out the video yourself? Click on the link below:

The phone will be made available in markets starting April 26th.

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